Vacation at Baguio

I don’t like going back to places I’ve been at with the same people. Just like Baguio. We (family) already went there (December 2006) and my mother planned to go back (and yes, we already went back) because my lola wanted… or maybe my mother just said that. Anyhow, I enjoyed the weekend.


1. To walk up the grotto. There are probably 100+ steps. I didn’t really count, I just heard from the kids. There were bitchy encounters like the man who was against clogging the way but clogged the pathway, too.

2. To visit the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad, Benguet. It was around 1pm when we arrived at Strawberry farm. It is not cold at La Trinidad, so if you could just imagine how hot it was(!). Anyway, one group can’t exceed one kilo of picked strawberries. P150/kilo when you pick the strawberries and P90/kilo (probably that price or less than) for no-picking experience. Also, it is best to get there as early as you can. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pick small fruits! Say hi to my basket!

3. To eat Strawberry Taho. When I couldn’t see ‘good’ picks anymore, I went near my mother and the manong who was selling the famous strawberry taho! I wanted to taste it for review or just an experience so I asked my father to buy me a cup! (I don’t know how much it costs. :<) IT IS SWEET! VERY SWEET. It actually tastes like strawberry jam. If you are to taste it, mix it very well so the flavor will spread. Don’t eat the strawberries alone! Eat it with the soft tofu. ‘Cause if you finish the strawberries first, your tofu wouldn’t have any taste at all.

There were lots of firsts but these are my top three! Baguio is still the summer capital of the Philippines! I want to go back and chill! Let us! <3

Have you been to Baguio? ;>


Tepai says:

Weeee, Baguio. Sayang hindi tayo sabay pumunta lol. :) I’ve been to Baguio a lot of times na pero marami rin akong first time nung last kong punta.. like going to Strawberry Farm and all that shiz. hehe. :) It was fun :)

Grysh says:

Omg. I lvoe Baguio. I used to go there with my mom. I love their strawberries and their jewelries/accessories are so cheap! :D

karmi says:

HS pa ata ako nung huling nakapunta ako sa Baguio. gusto ko na ulit pumunta dun! :D

strawberry taho.. mukhang masarap ah..

Senyth says:

Kakainis naman yung taong yun ah! At least may strawberries. :D Atrawberries are love, but I only really really like their smell. They’re too sweet for me. :(

I just got approved by blogtoprofit. Didn’t have any opps yet. May nagsabi sa kin about payperpost that if you have your country as Philippines, you’d RARELY get any opps. Totoo ba yun?

Haha. Thank you! :D

yeye says:

kelan ka nagpunta ng baguio. jan ako last week. hahahaha. di ko natikman yung strwaberry taho +_+

tiff k says:

Lucky you!! I so want to go to Baguio! I don’t mind going back to the place as long as it’s worth going more than one time such as… FLORIDA! hahaa but that’s a different matter, I really miss Baguio! Last time I was there was around… 11 years old? Man I miss the horseback riding, the walk to the grotto, strawberry picking and back then there was no strawberry taho! Man :( Lucky!

Reply to your comment (Panda strikes back!)
My classes just became worse O_O. I’ll talk about it in my future post, got a new one now though! :P Sched is posted :P

Fia says:

So this was the controversial strawberry taho. ROFLOL =))

Sounds really fun! I wish I could go to Baguio soon :D

pam says:

wow. you were here pala in my hometown! haha. ;)
daming tao ano? lol.
strawberry taho is love. i like. haha. as well as strawberries. :lol: speaking of grotto, tagal ko na di nakapunta dun. lol

nice pa rin ang weather dito kahit lately ang init init. glad you had fun. :P

Charm says:

Alam mo bang hindi ko na maalala kung kelan kami huling nagpunta jan. Gusto ko ma-experience magharvest ng Strawberries (sa farmville ko lang kasi nagagawa yun) Haha :D

Anu lasa ng strawberry taho? masarap? Hayy grabe, 20 na ko di ko man lang maexperience yung mga ganyan. :D

La Reyn says:

I’ve been to Baguio for so many times. I was a Baguio girl when I was still a baby. I miss going there with the whole family. Hmmm… And I also miss eating taho, haha! It’s delicious. I also wanna go to the Strawberry Farm since I haven’t been there yet. Or I don’t even know if they already brought me there when I was still a little kid w/c means I don’t remember it. LOL. Have a happy vacation! <3

Phoebe R says:

Oh cool! Baguio! Did you try the ukay ukay there? that would definitely my pick when I drop by that place. And also the strawberry taho! haha

putoseko says:

the grotto was really nice, especially during rare hours of the day when you can only see two to three people going up there. it was such a sublime experience. :eyes:

nice post! it made me reminisce my days there. :oops:

I had been to Baguio, during the time I still needed to be in the stroller and had no idea I was in Baguio. So I guess, the next time I’ll be in Baguio should be considered the first time :)) Gusto ko ring makatikim ng Strawberry taho TT_______TT

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