Travel 2014

I never thought I’d come to a point that I’d be planning my travels and strictly (hoping to) follow. This year, I will travel more, appreciate more and love the world. So just to share my planned travel places for the year (in random order):

Domestic: Batanes, Aurora, Cebu-Bohol, Palaui Island-Sta. Ana, Cagayan

International: Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia

I had been to Cebu once – for work and around the city only. And the only thing I can brag about that ‘travel’ was the chance to eat authentic Cebu Lechon. Haha seriously.

And rooting only for Bali for a real vacation type of out of the country trip. Sunrise and sunset seems exciting and legit. I didn’t like my short HK-MO last year in which I was too tired every night coming from beautiful places (wish I had more time then).

Hoping for a successful travel plan this 2014. ❤️

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