Just Go 2015

To become more spontaneous, that is my goal this new year. I even have a brand quote to go along with it, JUST GO.

Sharing to you guys my bucketlist:

Apart from Calayan Islands and Batanes for domestic, I’d like to visit Baler and Cagayan De Oro. For international travel, I already have booked Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh, so I just wish for a brave heart because at this point, I still don’t have a (not even one) travel buddy. Additionally, I’d like to visit KL-Sg again.

I’d like to learn how to surf on waves and try white water rafting.

Learning a new sport, probably archery just for fun – or gun shooting?

Learn a new language or how to cook and bake.

Find a new job.

Well, I just hope that traveling would give me an idea on which path I’d like to take. Because honestly at this point, I still feel at lost and my current job isn’t fulfilling anymore.

To add, my recent travel to Palawan made me realize that I have too much in my life that are unnecessary. How could other people live a wonderful life in the province and here I am, struggling everyday to survive a work day. I can work any job too in the province. It may not pay good but probably enough to survive everyday, I guess? There’s just too much competition in the city, I feel like I don’t fit in this kind of environment. Why so much rant, you ask? I don’t know either.

On a positive note, let’s start the year right.

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