About the domain
This domain is registered at on May 7, 2008 and will expire on May 07, 2018.

About the owner
I’m Keiyt. Wannabe superhero. Likes handsome gays. Professionally I do tumble and disorganize workplace.

I do crazy things and I am disgusted to just about everything. I am insensitive and sarcastic so everybody thinks that I came from hell but no, they are wrong – I go to church once in a while and I always pray to God. I feel guilty easily when I have done something wrong and it breaks my heart seeing people crying because of me, because of what I have done. I take long roads because I know the wonders of waiting. I take naps for quick escape. I often blame external causes in the day but I consider internal causes in the night. I love to eat and it isn’t ironic for me to have a fat belly. I love camera gadgets and I love striking a pose! I die almost every time for someone special.

/Heeeey, you can ask me anything. I’ll try to answer all of the questions honestly.

About the blogging experience
I started blogging in the year 2005 when my sister made her own under blogger. Since it was really cool to own a page in the world wide web, I pushed through to make one for myself. I got addicted in to making layouts (ha, I didn’t know how and when did I start using Adobe Photoshop especially how I learned to use it) and eventually in making blog posts like everyday of my life.

I stayed at blogspot for a year, I think, until Ate Sheryl of then asked me to apply in her free subdomain hosting. I applied, of course, because I found it way cooler to get a subdomain from other site other than blogspot. Hehe. So I had Then I knew that there are a lot of people who blog. Link exchange here, there and everywhere. Those were the days I didn’t mind about Page Rank. Hehe.

But not so long, I decided to purchase my own domain and this was it. It was hard to think of the name so I just paired it with my blogspot url. My father paid for the first year but he doesn’t want to support it anymore. So yeah, I’m keeping this forever.

/ I also write reviews so expect a mini heart attack when you read something not me, or I don’t know very not asian, I guess?