‘Tis Wonderful Life

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To no regrets

I’m summing up my 2016 this early because it is the time of the year that I feel like writing. AgainSee, my last blog post was more than one year ago. It was written with a confused mind, heart and soul. I hit the rock-bottom. I did. This year, too.

2016 was the year I hoped, trusted, relied on, waited, expected too much. More on that later. Let me show you snaps of happiness:




Cebu Bus Station, Hold Me Never Let Me Go

U Story Guesthouse, Siquijor

Session Road, Baguio

Landingan Viewpoint, Nagtipunan, Quirino

Then I realized, my 2016 didn’t suck as much I thought it did.

U Story Guesthouse, Siquijor

Besides, there are far extreme matters to be addressed. Politics, human rights, world peace to name a few.

God will let 2017 be. XO

Ever wonder

The things I do, I say, I hope someone’s keeping a record. To remind me what it is like in an ugly situation; and that taking courage and risks doesn’t equate to being brave but foolish.

Sometimes I make decisions I may regret. Like leaving people who cares for me, who loves me. Completely shutting them off because they no longer fit in my plans, in my life. For me, they lose purpose, thus I’d dispose them and replace with people who will eventually either leave me or I will leave again.

I’m glad there are yes, few people, but trustworthy who stay despite my character, being me. Real friends are hard to come by, our best guess.