I’ve been reading on forums about random stuff, personal relationships to job markets. Very random, my life. And started to feel insecure, unsure and what. I don’t know.

Oh just letting you know because things are very random.

My 2013

Despite the fact I was a little lost (and you may read the past blog), 2013 probably be the best year (so far). Except for health though because again, I have gained more weight and I hate it and I have no discipline or such. But before I become so emotionally depressed because of that, let me start recalling how 2013 is.

Family is a-okay. Just the same. Thank God we still get to eat three and more meals in a day, we do have a shelter to keep our sleep sound, and everything necessary to live. <3

Travel was a bit packed this year. Especially I’ve been to places I have dreamed of going to. Batangas (Laiya), Singapore, Puerto Princesa, Bataan, Tagaytay (nth time), Ilocos (Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud), Hong Kong, Alaminos (Hundred Islands) and Baguio (nth time). This list isn’t “the list” but hey, I’m so happy I’ve been to such different and new places.

Let the pictures tell you how good travel was in 2013.

Too many other selfies this year. ;)

And hey, in 2013, I had a new work.. I survived my first and second semester in UP-SOLAIR and now on my third semester! Won’t let this post be too long because I have a paper due on Jan 9 and I have yet to start.

Between a day and night

I’ve been very strange recently and I don’t even ask myself why. I have too much poison in my mind that I, a lost soul, can’t even remember what has happened for a couple of weeks back. Yes, I go to work, I go to school, I go around this planet without any plan As or Zs. I couldn’t recall what purpose was I doing or do I even had one?

See, I haven’t blogged since June. Life had been pretty busy. Work, school, couple of travels, dates and random stuff.

Oh wait a minute. I was to recall and retell my year but I can’t think of what happened. REALLY. It was like I was waking up dead, walking dead, sleeping dead. I know how far I am from those who work real hard but seriously, the feeling that finally I am alive and on my senses – I am having that.

I have memory of working for hours and getting no results, listening to my professors from June to October, that semestral break trip to the north, shortest out of the country trip to Hong Kong, sickly for 2 weeks and few changes.

I don’t even know why I’m slapping myself and trying my best to recall each every detail of my days (like I used to) when I think – I just do think, I’m repressing things. Unpleasant thoughts, memories, events.

I’m depressed.