And so it happened. We traveled and went home. I wish I could back pack before reaching 30. Around

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the world. Around the world.

But alright, might be travelling within the Philippines first. Love your own, love your own.

Instant Planning: Singapore

Last Wednesday, when things were just as the same at home, my sister brought up  seat sales. I told her to check out Cebu Pacific because it’s almost Chinese New Year, they may have a great sale coming up. But to out dismay, there was none. But she insisted for us to go somewhere on her birthday. So she decided that we’ll book to Singapore via AirAsia.

After few days of searching and reading, we have agreed to stay in Pillows and Toast Hostel. It looks cute and nice in the pictures. I experienced staying in a dormitory when my friends and I went to KL, Malaysia (July of 2012) so it’s no biggie for me especially hotels in Singapore yells EXPENSIVE.

There’s 21 days or 3 weeks left before the trip. My vacation leave form is not yet signed. But what would be the grounds for it to be denied, anyway? I can’t be denied, especially we have paid for plane tickets and our hostel already.

So far, our expenses:

Plane ticket               P8,755.50

Hostel                          P5,839.72

Total                          P14,615.22


To Manila

I miss Manila. I will miss Kuala Lumpur.