Why, hello there, blog. It’s been what, a week since I’ve said hello. Let’s be hopeful that I’ll be open again with you and discuss good and bad things. :}

For the past year, I had been asking my boyfriend to get married sooner. So his goals were to invest on our future home and buy his own car, so it will be easier by then. Although I realized that no way, I can’t drag him on a fast forwarded life where I actually just want to escape from my realities. No, I can’t tell him what to do.

So just earlier, when I was reading GirlTalk and stumbled upon a how did you reach your first million thread, I was inspired. I’m not even half of the second thread but I have too many insights that I have to write all of those now and PLAN.

That’s exactly what I lack of, planning. Well, I have dreams to chase yet I wake up on come-what-may days. So I suck in general, I just realized.

Tonight, I’m going to plan my savings and reach that first million before I reach 30, development and enhancement of self.. and activities which will make me know and understand myself. You just don’t know how much crisis I’m going through right now and probably engaging myself to different things will help me cope up with the reality.

And maybe will let the relationship with my boyfriend be it as it is now. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and would love to marry and spend my lifetime with him. We’ll have more time to grow together by then but for now, it’s better to know ourselves. 😉

So ttfn, I have to get back on track! 🙂

PS. Oh, do you think I can give up travels? 🙂


Travel 2014

I never thought I’d come to a point that I’d be planning my travels and strictly (hoping to) follow. This year, I will travel more, appreciate more and love the world. So just to share my planned travel places for the year (in random order):

Domestic: Batanes, Aurora, Cebu-Bohol, Palaui Island-Sta. Ana, Cagayan

International: Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia

I had been to Cebu once – for work and around the city only. And the only thing I can brag about that ‘travel’ was the chance to eat authentic Cebu Lechon. Haha seriously.

And rooting only for Bali for a real vacation type of out of the country trip. Sunrise and sunset seems exciting and legit. I didn’t like my short HK-MO last year in which I was too tired every night coming from beautiful places (wish I had more time then).

Hoping for a successful travel plan this 2014. ❤️