Weekend is too short

I feel like doing all the things I used to do before. I miss watching random series, stalking people, dating my boyfriend more than 8 hours!!! But yeah, I love my job so much I even do it at home. Sweet right?

I even miss blogging everyday of my life.. Nonstop. So I shall read back and reminisce shit. :)

MIA: Camera

It’s weird that I don’t like taking pictures like I used to, it makes me feel incomplete – oh, that’s more weird and creepy! ((: I’ve been missing a lot of captured memories (and by this, I mean dating J) because I don’t get to pack the camera when I’m out. So sad. Oh, next time.

Fine, short entry because it’s past 3 in the morning; and I am scared! :@

Hyped Despite

First of, I’m so hyped that I have a new layout installed! I can even use this forever because there are two more different set of colors for this theme. Isn’t the author the sweetest? Ha!

The despite thing is about the job interview I had the past week. My final interview was totally bad. :< I know I don’t like the job that much but the feeling of having no job for over two months. Ugggghhhh.

K, hype-ness died.