My 2013

Despite the fact I was a little lost (and you may read the past blog), 2013 probably be the best year (so far). Except for health though because again, I have gained more weight and I hate it and I have no discipline or such. But before I become so emotionally depressed because of that, let me start recalling how 2013 is.

Family is a-okay. Just the same. Thank God we still get to eat three and more meals in a day, we do have a shelter to keep our sleep sound, and everything necessary to live. <3

Travel was a bit packed this year. Especially I’ve been to places I have dreamed of going to. Batangas (Laiya), Singapore, Puerto Princesa, Bataan, Tagaytay (nth time), Ilocos (Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud), Hong Kong, Alaminos (Hundred Islands) and Baguio (nth time). This list isn’t “the list” but hey, I’m so happy I’ve been to such different and new places.

Let the pictures tell you how good travel was in 2013.

Too many other selfies this year. ;)

And hey, in 2013, I had a new work.. I survived my first and second semester in UP-SOLAIR and now on my third semester! Won’t let this post be too long because I have a paper due on Jan 9 and I have yet to start.

Epic 2012

Since it’s the end of another year and obviously, the start of a new…

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I’m going to join everyone in summarizing their year. I would like to do that in pictures but let me just tell you things in words (heh, I’m practicing to stretch bad writing) and I have few pictures this year. Let me just comment also on how I want to type in, the font is great!

Family is okay. Great surprise when my grandmother went home around summer and too bad we were not able to go to places because our car is too small. Six would not fit! But thank goodness we have already acquired a new larger one… the next time my lola gets here, it’s gonna be awesome go here in there!

This year, however, is not ‘friends year’ as I never have seen a lot of my friends! I miss like everyone of them! My list to meet each of my friend is a long one. Even those I met online, I am meeting them this year for sure. Promise to myself. Hihihi but best before ending the year to see my super awesome friends plus baby Saab (the angel one)!


Love life has never been great! Rocky in the first quarter of the year(because of me) but was able to survive thanks to Him! We’ve celebrated our second year being together, how nice my longest relationship everrrr. Grateful for this chance to love and be loved at the same time (charaughtera).


In terms of career, still bad luck and I hope there’s better stuff in store for me in 2013. I just hope badddly. But hey, I have met a lot of people while interviewing, people inspiring me with their determination and compassion. Good luck with to me on January 2, I sense all the pending work I left (I’ve had vacation since 21st of December).

Travel is thumbs up this