Epic 2012

Since it’s the end of another year and obviously, the start of a new…

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I’m going to join everyone in summarizing their year. I would like to do that in pictures but let me just tell you things in words (heh, I’m practicing to stretch bad writing) and I have few pictures this year. Let me just comment also on how I want to type in, the font is great!

Family is okay. Great surprise when my grandmother went home around summer and too bad we were not able to go to places because our car is too small. Six would not fit! But thank goodness we have already acquired a new larger one… the next time my lola gets here, it’s gonna be awesome go here in there!

This year, however, is not ‘friends year’ as I never have seen a lot of my friends! I miss like everyone of them! My list to meet each of my friend is a long one. Even those I met online, I am meeting them this year for sure. Promise to myself. Hihihi but best before ending the year to see my super awesome friends plus baby Saab (the angel one)!


Love life has never been great! Rocky in the first quarter of the year(because of me) but was able to survive thanks to Him! We’ve celebrated our second year being together, how nice my longest relationship everrrr. Grateful for this chance to love and be loved at the same time (charaughtera).


In terms of career, still bad luck and I hope there’s better stuff in store for me in 2013. I just hope badddly. But hey, I have met a lot of people while interviewing, people inspiring me with their determination and compassion. Good luck with to me on January 2, I sense all the pending work I left (I’ve had vacation since 21st of December).

Travel is thumbs up this

Vacation at Baguio

I don’t like going back to places I’ve been at with the same people. Just like Baguio. We (family) already went there (December 2006) and my mother planned to go back (and yes, we already went back) because my lola wanted… or maybe my mother just said that. Anyhow, I enjoyed the weekend.


1. To walk up the grotto. There are probably 100+ steps. I didn’t really count, I just heard from the kids. There were bitchy encounters like the man who was against clogging the way but clogged the pathway, too.

2. To visit the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad, Benguet. It was around 1pm when we arrived at Strawberry farm. It is not cold at La Trinidad, so if you could just imagine how hot it was(!). Anyway, one group can’t exceed one kilo of picked strawberries. P150/kilo when you pick the strawberries and P90/kilo (probably that price or less than) for no-picking experience. Also, it is best to get there as early as you can. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pick small fruits! Say hi to my basket!

3. To eat Strawberry Taho. When I couldn’t see ‘good’ picks anymore, I went near my mother and the manong who was selling the famous strawberry taho! I wanted to taste it for review or just an experience so I asked my father to buy me a cup! (I don’t know how much it costs. :<) IT IS SWEET! VERY SWEET. It actually tastes like strawberry jam. If you are to taste it, mix it very well so the flavor will spread. Don’t eat the strawberries alone! Eat it with the soft tofu. ‘Cause if you finish the strawberries first, your tofu wouldn’t have any taste at all.

There were lots of firsts but these are my top three! Baguio is still the summer capital of the Philippines! I want to go back and chill! Let us! <3

Have you been to Baguio? ;>


I really suck at coming up with a post title.  =/ Anyway, very random and long entry this time, I guess.


I failed Ecology finals. Don’t say I can do better next time because that was already our final exam. But nevertheless, I am confident that I will pass the subject because I have good records except this last major exam. I know, I didn’t review much (I just scanned the book) and I have to suffer the consequence. A low final grade.

Yesterday was our last removal exam in ObliCon. And after an hour, results were out. I PASSED THE SUBJECT. I’m so grateful. But it’s just so sad that one of my friends didn’t pass (the grade our prof wants us to get) and have to take another exam next tuesday.

For Psychometrics 2, we went to our school’s laboratory high school to conduct a pre-test. The students wont cooperate which made everyone in our group pissed.


After that stuff for Psychomet 2, we went to SM Centerpoint to watch You Changed My Life. I am a fan of John Lloyd, but not super fangirl, so I went to check out. It was the typical filipino love story, fight and make up. Power hug and power kiss, anyone? =))

Love life.

– which I don’t have. But I have a crush. But he’s gay so never mind. Uh no, wait. It’s not yet confirmed but I want to put it that way because he wont answer me clearly and I bet he’s confused. My friends say he’s totally a catch and sayang if he’s really gay.


It was my sister’s birthday last Sunday, 1st of March. She’s already 21, oh gaah, she’s old! We went out late to hear God’s words and then ate dinner at North Park, TriNoma. Monday, my father was so kind to pick me up at Bayan even I didn’t ask him to but he asked me to buy this and that so I had to go down the car for many many times. =/

What else? Blogging.

I’m out-dated. I haven’t hopped in full for sometime and I am sorry! Really, I mean it. Please, forgive me. After finals and all busy stuff, I will be a full-time blogger like before. Give me two weeks. Yeah, until March 13!. Thanks. See you soon! =)