Vacation at Baguio

I don’t like going back to places I’ve been at with the same people. Just like Baguio. We (family) already went there (December 2006) and my mother planned to go back (and yes, we already went back) because my lola wanted… or maybe my mother just said that. Anyhow, I enjoyed the weekend.


1. To walk up the grotto. There are probably 100+ steps. I didn’t really count, I just heard from the kids. There were bitchy encounters like the man who was against clogging the way but clogged the pathway, too.

2. To visit the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad, Benguet. It was around 1pm when we arrived at Strawberry farm. It is not cold at La Trinidad, so if you could just imagine how hot it was(!). Anyway, one group can’t exceed one kilo of picked strawberries. P150/kilo when you pick the strawberries and P90/kilo (probably that price or less than) for no-picking experience. Also, it is best to get there as early as you can. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pick small fruits! Say hi to my basket!

3. To eat Strawberry Taho. When I couldn’t see ‘good’ picks anymore, I went near my mother and the manong who was selling the famous strawberry taho! I wanted to taste it for review or just an experience so I asked my father to buy me a cup! (I don’t know how much it costs. :<) IT IS SWEET! VERY SWEET. It actually tastes like strawberry jam. If you are to taste it, mix it very well so the flavor will spread. Don’t eat the strawberries alone! Eat it with the soft tofu. ‘Cause if you finish the strawberries first, your tofu wouldn’t have any taste at all.

There were lots of firsts but these are my top three! Baguio is still the summer capital of the Philippines! I want to go back and chill! Let us! <3

Have you been to Baguio? ;>

Do this, do that

Congratulations! If you’re a student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, there are no classes next week. Ah, starting today till next Saturday. Isn’t that great? You will have time to do your papers! Though you can’t have that sign of your professor in your letter of permission. But it’s okay, since the school your group chose (last hope) has already agreed to accommodate you.

Oh crap. This week, we already went to three schools but we were denied to conduct our experiment. The first one asked us to revise or most likely change the whole experiment. 2nd, they would be busy next week for exams. 3rd, we needed papers from blahblah division blahblah of QC. We need to conduct this experiment ASAP and we can’t just let that happen to us.

So we’re going to Cavite next week. Our friend’s mom works at the school we chose (and last choice, since it is far from manila). I am excited. ‘Cause my friend once told me that there are no means of transpo going to that area. Ha, 30 minutes of walking down? I hope we survive.

By the way, it was the coronation night of Mr. & Ms. Psychology (department stuff) last thursday. Cheered for our mate, Allister Ramos. Too bad he wasn’t part of the top 5. There might had been mistakes encoding the scores. I swear, how could that guy number 2 and that gay be on the list? LOL

TTFN. :whistle:

Don’t let others sleep

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to attend my friend’s birthday celebration. It was our group’s first overnight! We sang from 1am till past 6am… till someone actually said, “Mag pa-tulog naman kayo! (Let others sleep!)”. It was their neighbor and my friend’s mom said we shouldn’t had stopped because it was the first time they had an after celeb at home compared to their neighbors who always had parties and videoke nights.

Anyways,  we went to the back of their house (where the videoke and billiards were) and started playing and singing!


We were called out to prepare but we did play and sing more. We could be the reason why the party started 9pm, that late!

Superb college friends

Oh, I put my camera to multiple shots setting and here is the ugly outcome due to no-flash shots hahahahaha

And this was the arte shot taken outside the party place (:


This day to day time with these awesome friends was awesome! Hahahaha! I know this will happen again next time!