Singapore Day 1

My sister and I flew via AirAsia. We got cheap tickets considering that it was not really a seat sale and it was less than a month before the trip.Aside from the Mister Donut I bought from the pre-boarding area of DMIA, we bought plane meals. It was all because I was dying to taste Nasi Lemak again but to my dismay, it was not available. So I just chose Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice.

Chicken Rice

It tasted okay, just right for a quick meal. It somehow made me dizzy though. Good thing I always bring my toothbrush and paste along with my hand carry bag so I could quickly brush off annoying tastes.

We landed just right on time. We had to look for the train that will lead us to one of their city trains in which we have to do several interchanges to reach Chinatown. It was very cool, I wish the same for our country.

Upon arriving at Chinatown, we looked for Pillows and Toast located at Mosque St. To our hearts’ content, it was just few walks away from the exit!  I was too hungry so I kept telling my sister that we should eat after checking in. But the Chinese restos around the area offers expensive meals.

When we got to Pillows and Toast, we were given access cards and permit to put our bags in the locker! We checked the last floor which was their recreation area. It was awesome, there we saw Ms. Germany who was currently using the net books for free use.

After resting a bit, we strolled around Chinatown and I saw few items I wanted to buy as pasalubong. Also it was around the area where we saw Chinese restaurants. Too bad their menu outside doesn’t have prices on each dish and since I was too hungry, we just gave in.

It felt that we were robbed on our first lunch / real meal in Singapore. Everything was so expensive. On a lighter note, we saw a hawker center near our place. We decided to eat there for our dinner.

After our lunch, we went back to the hostel and slept. No jet lags (hello, it was only 4 hours of plane travel hahaha) but plain lazy. When we were hungry again for dinner, we went to the hawker place at around 8pm or earlier than that, I can’t remember. There were stores closed already and we would check out the foods where most of the people line up for.

I was decided then to have noodles and not rice. So we lined up in a noodle stall which sells noodles for about SG$ 2. But ha, your SG$ 2 meant you would see how uncle prepared for the food.

It was bland. But the best thing about each stall is they do provide the right condiments to compliment their dishes! I had fish sauce with nice amount of chili!

Oh prior to sleeping back, my sister and I checked on the Tooth Relic religious place. There was a ceremony going on and just amazing how everyone is walking with their feet and wearing a brown stuff! :P

After having dinner, we decided to end the day because for our second day we would be at

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Resorts World Sentosa – Universal Studious Singapore! Until the next post!

Korean Pops

I’ve been looking for a korean store long time ago and I finally saw one. It was really accidental that I spotted one at Cubao near the wet market. I never expected and it was my first time to see that store in that spot. I asked my friend if we could drop by and see what the store is selling (which was obvious, actually).

Upon entering the store, we saw familiar products but with korean writings, of course and I was amazed. I really wanted to check out the ice cream section first but kept checking out other products. Then we checked out the ice cream freezer… and there weren’t a lot of choices but it was okay since I was going to buy for a single stick, anyway.

I chose the one in a blue packaging ’cause it was so inviting and I didn’t think twice unlike my friend who thought of what she would get for a hundred times. It was cheap like P25. I couldn’t even believe it costs like that. We sat down (yes, they allow people to eat there) and excitedly opened the plastic and ate the ice cream. I was actually disappointed. It was bubblegum flavor and it was an ice pop. ):

Yes, ice pop. ): My friend was enjoying her coffee flavored ice cream.

Heck that, I will choose fancy colors no more next time. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it ’cause it was freaking hot outside and I needed a refresher that time! Oh by the way, I bought 4 packs of Shin Ramyun before leaving. All four for a hundred pesos. Yeah yeah yeah. It is cheaper than those we buy from the supermarket.

Well then, this is my korean store adventure. Will surely be coming back to taste more of the ice creams!